Migration Engine

This page contains the current ideas for the Migration engine and as such these features are not yet implemented.

The Migration Engine takes care of the whereabouts of the Residents in the World of Sanctorium.

The idea is that Residents migrate to different towns, cities or other areas. This can happen for a number of reasons.

What the Migration Engine takes into account can be split up in different steps of implementation. The first step is the easiest one.

The Migrating Residents will take their Faith in Religions with them. This can be particularly interesting for Residents that are schooled as your Religions Priest.

Family Migration

If a Resident is marked for Migration by the engine and the Resident is part of a couple, there is a big chance that the partner of the Resident will also move with. In case the partner doesn't move with, the relationship ends and the couple status is set to inactive.

In case of a couple move the possible children of the couple might move along, depending on their age.

Economic Migration

The second phase of Migration is based on the economic circumstances of the area where the Resident resides and it's personal economical behavior (does the Resident have a job, etc).

This will be implemented after the Economy Engine has been implemented.