Game Clients

This are the current known clients to the Empyreal Engine:

All clients have access to all the Game commands (See API), however, if you want to implement a Relay client, you will have to request an Empyreal Client Key. At the moment there are a four different types of clients:

Celestial CLI

Celestial is a simple CLI-client for the Empyreal Engine written in Python based on Twisted & Curses. The Celestial client can be used as a Simple Client and/or as a Admin Client.

Astralis, the Official Web Client

Astralis is the main client for Empyreal and is played on Lithium. This is where Alpha testing for the Empyreal game is done at the moment. The current requirement for getting into the Alpha is a Level 3 Master account on Lithium.

You can find the manual for the Astralis client at:

Astralis connects as a Relay Client, however, the individual players each connect through a separate Simple Client.

Sanctorium, the Official Graphical Client

NOTE: development on the Sanctorium Graphical Client is suspended indefinitely.

This client is a HTML5 ImpactJS game client.

Creating a client