The Empyreal Engine

Welcome to the Empyreal Engine website. This site is the reference guide to the Empyreal Card Game Engine. Below you can find the latest post of the official Lithium blog for @sanctorium.

NOTE: if you are looking to play the game please check out the overview of available Clients.

The Game

The game is in the very basics a Card Game, similar in many ways to games like Magic: the Gathering or Hearthstone. However, there are many, many more differences than similarities as you will find out if you keep reading.

Each game has a set number of Supremacy Points which a player needs to get and keep in order to win the game. The number required can differ from game to game depending on quick matches and/or number of players.

Game Server

The Empyreal Engine is a set of Twisted servers and services which run and control the card game. It executes all actions and gives all the feedback to the clients by RPC calls made to it.

The idea is to allow all kinds of different clients to implement their own (visual) interpretation of the game. The default client will most likely not be the most popular one as I hope other developers who are more artistic than I, will create beautiful worlds where you can explore or even do mini games.

Scheduler Service

The Scheduler is a background service which triggers tasks defined in the different game engines. Tasks are simple instructions like the Descending of Residents or the assignment of Jobs to Residents.

On the Server page you can see the current status of both the Empyreal Game Server and the Scheduler server.

NOTE: the game is currently in it's alpha stage and in full development, this means that everything on this site is subject to change.


Back in 2003 me and a friend were sitting in the train on our way back to our home town from college, we were talking about making a game where the main purpose was to influence inhabitants of the game world to start believing in a Deity (the player) and we expanded on this idea throughout the train ride. The game was gonna be simply called Gods and as soon as I got home I started coding.

There was a "working" engine rather quickly which had travelling throughout the world and production of weapons (Swords, Shields, etc.) working. However the engine was rather clumsy and it was written in PHP. After working on it for a while, the project was slid into the back of my mind and I lost interest.

In 2008 I was browsing through some of my backup of web-projects and stumble upon Empyreal and Gods. I decided to restart the idea as a Django project. The change log since then is available on the Patch notes page.