Population Engine


Residents are what makes up the population of the World of Sanctorium. Residents will be born (so they will have Ancestors), they grow older and eventually will die of age.

Residents have a gender. In a later stage, residents will be matched; they're getting married, get children, etc. Or they can remain single.

Residents start out nameless (for now), once they get selected to become a Prophet the player will be able to name them. If the Resident gets abandoned as Prophet, they will keep their name.

Population Growth

Growth will be based on numeral factors, but to start with the only factor will be time. Based on the settings of the Population Engine, there will be a median on how many Descendants a Resident will have. Another part of the settings will be the minimum time in between the birth of Descendants and the minimum and maximum age for a Resident to have Descendants.

At a later stage, location based economy etc. will also influence the growth.


Integrate the Population Engine with the Migration Engine, so that depending on the location, the Residents will produce offspring.