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  Controller class
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Controller class

class empyreal.engine.location.ReligionController'(user_id=None, session=None, server=None)

The controller class for the Religion interface used by the clients. This controller is a subclass of empyreal.engine.core.GameController.

Main interface


Returns the current Faith per tick for users Religion.


Returns a dictionary with statistics regarding the users Religion. This also includes Prophet information, like location, busy state, etc.


Returns the users Religion.

Returns a empyreal.lib.models.Religion.

ReligionController.incarnate(gender, character_name, religion_name)

Incarnates the user. This means a random Resident in a random Location of the provided gender is picked and assigned to the user with the provided character_name. A new Religions with the provided religion_name is formed.

Raises a UserAlreadyIncarnatedException in case called for a user who's already Incarnated.


Returns a boolean. True in case the user is incarnated, False otherwise.